Still-life paintings are great for exploring different composition principles. I enjoy studying and capturing the unique qualities of various materials and textures, not to mention collecting interesting objects during my travels.

"Reverie", oil on canvas, 53 cm x 40 cm, 2007
Taste of Marrakesh
"Taste of Marrakesh", oil on canvas, 55 cm x 45 cm, 2007, private collection
Il Cedro
"Il Cedro", oil on canvas, 15 cm x 23 cm, 2007, private collection
a modest meal
"A Modest Meal", oil on canvas, 36 cm x 46 cm, 2007, private collection
"Legacy", oil on canvas, 85 cm x 50 cm, 2007
Orange Blossoms
"Orange Blossoms", oil on canvas, 20 cm x 30 cm, 2006, private collection
Composition in Red, White, and Green
"Composition in Red, White, and Green", oil on canvas, 2005, private collection
"Ecorché", oil on canvas, 45 cm x 90 cm, 2005
Cast Study of Venus
"Cast Study of Venus", oil on canvas, 2005
Cast of Carpeaux
"Cast of Carpeaux", charcoal on paper, 2004
Cast of Leonardo's Hand
"Cast of Leonardo's Hand", charcoal on paper, 2003, private collection